Monday, August 29, 2016

From the Director: Fall is here!

MBA students at on the Challenge Course during Orientation
Although the temperatures are still in the 90's most days, it is officially fall in Athens. Our MBA students completed an intense 2+ weeks of Orientation on August 10th, and classes for all students started on August 15. The first football game of the season is next weekend. It’s great to be a UGA MBA Bulldawg in the fall. This season is one of the greatest times of the year to be in Athens. You can enjoy a southern breakfast at Mama’s Boy, take a stroll in the UGA Founder’s Garden, spend Saturday’s at Sanford Stadium cheering on the Dawgs, and then hit the downtown scene for the evening. There are endless opportunities to spread your social wings this fall in Athens. 

Not only is it UGA football season, but we also have tons of events coming up for our MBAs. In September alone we have our Fall Recruiting Kickoff, the UGA Fall Career Fair, and the Prospanica Conference in Houston, just to name a few. 

Also, autumn in Athens is a great time for prospective students to visit campus. If you are interested in learning more about the Full-Time MBA program a
Campus Visit Day may be the best option for you! Coming to one of these events will give you the opportunity to tour our new building, Correll Hall, and meet with current MBA students and MBA staff. You can choose a date that works best for you. Feel free to reach out to our Full-Time Admissions Staff at if you would like further information about the program or Campus Visit Days. We look forward to seeing you this fall in Athens! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Round 2 Applications and Phase II of Construction!

Correll Hall
Hello and Happy Holidays!  We are lucky to be having a very mild fall here in Athens, and our winter break is upon us.  After a challenging first semester, our first year students are leaving for a well-deserved vacation, and our second year students are cruising into their last semester with us.  The Full-Time MBA program has settled into the new building and as the Admissions staff reads and interviews Round II applicants, construction for Phase II of the Business Community has begun.  We're excited about what the future holds for the program - our new concentrations, the Consulting emphasis, revised Leadership Fellows Program, additional experiential learning opportunities that will help our students succeed in the job search, and the reduction of the graduation requirements to 60 credits.  We're excited for these changes and others to come.  Campus Visit Days resume in January, and so if you are able to visit, please let us show you around!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Fall 2016 Application is Live, Correll Hall is Open, and Other Full-Time Program News!

As happens every year, the summer goes by too fast.  But with every ending, there is a new beginning, and here at Terry, we have a lot of news to be excited about.  The Full-Time MBA Program moved into our new location, Correll Hall, at the end of June, and we are preparing for Orientation for the Class of 2017, which will be held in our new space!  We are fortunate to be the first residents of the new Terry Learning Community and the move is a great opportunity to expand the Full-Time MBA program in its beautiful new space!

We are also getting ready for Orientation for the Class of 2017.  The Full-Time MBA Program staff is gearing up to meet and work with a great class of incoming students who will arrive for August 3, 2015.  For MBA Admissions, now is the time when we look forward to the next recruiting season which starts next week.  We will be attending MBA Tour events in Houston, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.  All of our recruiting events are listed on our website, so please come visit us at an event or visit us on campus!

Another piece of exciting news is that the Fall 2016 application is live!  We can’t wait to meet and learn more about the applicants who will become the Class of 2018!  Our first deadline is October 14, 2015.  We updated our essay questions, but the rest of our application requirements are the same from last year.  The Admissions team is here to help you with any questions you have about the process, so please reach out to us if you need help:  705-542-5671 or

And lastly, I am eager to talk to all of you about recent program changes that will enhance the MBA experience for our students.  We have added two new market-driven concentrations, in Healthcare Management and Human Resource Management, and also an Emphasis in Consulting that can be combined with any concentration.  We revised the Leadership Fellows Program with an enhanced focus on crisis management and community service.  From an academic standpoint, we have lowered the credit hours for graduation to 60, enabling our students to increase their curricular flexibility and elective options.  Our core courses are a hybrid of half-semester and full semester offerings.  This was done to maximize the learning of critical skills and create space for more electives in the first year of the program.  In response to recruiter feedback, we are placing more emphasis on developing programming and coding skills, so that our graduates will be better equipped to manage technical people and projects.  More details about all of these changes are making their way to our website, so look there for updates as they are posted.

2015 will be a great year for everyone at Terry!  We look forward to meeting you at our recruiting events and Campus Visit Days!  The Admissions team is excited to show off our new building, Correll Hall, so please come visit!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bruce Taylor, MBA '15
I can recall very clearly how anxious I was to get an internship last year. Spring break was approaching and I was one of the few in our MBA class still looking for one. Fortunately, with great preparation and a little luck, I was able to land a finance internship with The Coca-Cola Company.

Originally, at the beginning of business school, my goal was to transition from finance into marketing. I worked in finance for over 5 years before entering UGA’s MBA program and was looking for career shift. However, getting an opportunity at Coca-Cola was something I couldn’t turn down.

Looking back, taking that internship at Coke was a great decision! I developed new skills and truly enjoyed the culture there.

The thing I liked most about interning at Coca-Cola was the people. Not only were they extremely bright, but they were easy to work with as well. I have worked for plenty of companies with highly intelligent employees, but those same people are normally difficult to work with. They are so bright that they assume that they are never wrong. However, at Coca-Cola, my coworkers had plenty of bright ideas and were always willing to listen to someone else. This made for a great work environment and has to be one of the reasons Coca-Cola has been successful for so long.

Shorty after my internship concluded, I received a call from Coca-Cola offering me a full-time position! Needless to say, I was ecstatic. However, I needed time to consider whether I wanted to commit to a full-time position in finance, since I originally planned on transitioning into marketing.

After a few days, I decided to accept Coca-Cola’s full-time offer in their finance department. My thought was that I could continue with Coke in a finance role and hopefully use those skills in one of their marketing divisions.

Overall, I enjoyed my summer and learned two things. First, I learned that Coca-Cola was an ideal place to start my career. Secondly, I learned there is always more than one way to meet one’s goals in an MBA program. Originally, I wanted to transition into marketing. However, I found another way to do that is to be the “finance guy” in the marketing department.