Monday, October 6, 2008

Tips from the World MBA Tour Panel

Thank you to everyone who attended the World MBA Tour event in Atlanta this weekend. I really enjoyed meeting you, and I'm excited to work with everyone through the application process.

I was fortunate enough to sit on a panel about business school selection and admissions Saturday afternoon with some colleagues from other MBA programs. I thought I'd take a moment to tell you the Top 5 Tips To Maximize Your Chances For Acceptance that came out of the discussion.
  1. Tailor your personal statements. Make sure your personal statement answers the question on each application. Don't try to make one essay work for all. Check your spelling and grammar. Put some thought into the content of your statement and start preparing well in advance of the deadline.
  2. Prep for the GMAT. Most schools rely heavily on GMAT scores. Put your best foot forward by prepping for the exam so that you can take it with confidence.
  3. Highlight what makes you unique. Make sure to spotlight something that makes you stand out from other applicants. Business schools look to enroll individuals with a wide range of experiences and characteristics- show what you can bring to the class .
  4. Choose your recommenders carefully. All the schools stated a preference for professional recommenders rather than academic references. Several also indicated the strong preference to see a recommendation from your current supervisor (or a statement indicating why you didn't provide one). Choose recommenders who know you well and can speak to your goals and quality of your work.
  5. Explain discrepancies. All applications have strong points and weak points. If you've got a weak point with an explanation, address it with a one page statement of additional information. This is a great way to explain a missing year on a resume or a bad junior year GPA. The Admissions Office will see that weakness- don't leave us wondering what happened. The general rule with applications is to focus on the positive, so keep all comments of this type to that one page.

I hope these tips help relieve some your application anxiety!

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