Friday, September 3, 2010

The 2-Hour Job Search

A note from Kerry: Today I'm excited to welcome my colleague, Shannon Caldwell, Director of the Terry MBA Career Management Center, as a guest blogger. Here's are Shannon's thoughts on an exciting workshop we are hosting today.

After seeing Steve Dalton speak this summer in Boston, I’m really excited to be welcoming him to campus today to speak to all of our students.

A Duke MBA and an associate director at the Fuqua Career Management Center, Steve developed this approach especially for the way the millennial generation likes to structure time and work. There is very little truly original in the field of job search advice. Steve’s approach is original. UGA MBAs will be hearing it before the public, since Steve’s book hasn’t yet been released.

Steve’s own words:

“Use your contacts.” “Have a powerful resume.” “Start your own blog.” With so much job search advice online, it is incredibly difficult to decide which advice to actually follow. Distractions and red herrings are everywhere, so it is critical to know how to separate what needs to get done now from what can wait a few days (or be ignored entirely).

The subject of an upcoming book, The Two-Hour Job Search is essentially a “quick start guide” for your job search. Instead of offering laundry lists of tips and leaving it up to you to decide which to try when, The Two-Hour Job Search identifies the most critical steps and provides exact instructions for completing them most efficiently. Spending any less than two hours on this process results in cut corners, but spending any longer is truly unnecessary.

The Two-Hour Job Search was created from scratch using the best practices from MBA disciplines like operations and behavioral economics. It reduces the off-campus search into its three main components – Prioritizing, Contacting, and Convincing – and optimizes each one, maximizing the effectiveness and minimizing the exhaustion of getting from career goal to interview.

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