Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How the GRE has changed…

As of August 1, 2011, ETS launched the revised General Test for the GRE. What does this mean for you? The revised test still measures your verbal and quantitative reasoning skills, your critical thinking and analytical writing skills, but ETS has redesigned the test to be more user-friendly and to improve the test-taking experience.

For example, test takers are able to move back and forth between questions in a section, edit or change their answers and even skip and return to questions. This allows you to use some of your own test-taking strategies. The new questions are also more real-world based with less reliance on vocabulary out of context.

If you are thinking about how the new score scale affects you in the Admissions process, don’t start worrying! The new scale, in one-point increments between 130-170, simply allows admissions professionals to evaluate candidates more accurately. Small differences will still look “small” to us, while bigger differences between scores will still look…well, bigger.

But overall, we think the test is better for these changes and so should you. No matter what is new on the test, the focus is still on you, the test taker, and on making that test-taking experience more applicable to what you are doing now and what you will be doing in your future.

For more information, read this and this from ETS.

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