Friday, October 14, 2011

From the Marines to the Terry MBA

Thomas Kidd is a first year MBA student and former Marine concentrating in operations. When we asked him why he chose Terry, here is what he told us:

While weighing B-School offers in the winter of 2010, I sometimes got sidetracked by promises of fame and fortune. These seem to be major selling points for many professionals considering an MBA, especially during a recession, but I had to return to reality and make a decision based on what was and still is most valuable to me, the experience.

What sold me on Terry in the first place, is the same thing that is keeping me passionate and driven to succeed now that I’m here. The fact that the program actually cares about each student and not about its “students” is evidenced on campus every day. Not but 2 weeks into the semester, it became noticeable that our Career Management, Admissions, and Student Affairs staff knew each and every student by name and could sum up most of our backgrounds as well. If these people choose to put that much extra effort into their goal of aiding in my success, then I consider it a privilege to work to the fullest extent of my capabilities to help them reach that goal. We each have our selfish reasons, they need their numbers and I need a career, but the approach and thus the experience is what keeps me motivated.

Having a background as a U.S. Marine and more recently as a legal administrator with the U.S. Department of Justice, experiences were sometimes ordered and not lived. Goals were already defined, we were all just waiting for our promised time to claim them. Sure, I had positive experiences along the way, but if the destination is already set in stone then the journey to get there becomes un-inspired. That’s what Terry is currently doing for me, being as helpful as they can be while still realizing that I need to struggle in order to grow and progress both personally and professionally.

Anything given has no real value, and Terry is helping me earn that value by providing the experience.

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