Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make the Most of Your Interview

Interview season is upon us, and so it is time for some friendly advice about interview preparation.  Your application is the first impression you make, and your interview is the second critical component of the admissions decision at the University of Georgia.  You have so much to gain from putting your best foot forward at interview time - don't squander the opportunity! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your interview.
  1. Arrive on time. Remember: college campuses can be big, complicated places. Get there early (but not too early!) and leave yourself plenty of time to park and navigate your way to the correct building.
  2. Dress appropriately. Show respect for the opportunity you have been granted and the person/people you will be interviewing with by wearing proper business attire. This usually means a suit. This is not the time to go business casual or casual. We're thin32king about how you might arrive for a job interview. Look sharp!
  3. Be prepared. Make sure you know why you're applying to business school, what it is you like about that school in particular, etc. Know how you will answer the standard questions.  Know your own story.  Why have you done what you've done?  Where do you want go from here?
  4. Take responsibility. Trust us - we know that no one is perfect, but we expect you to articulate the reasons behind your choices and take responsibility for them.  If the interviewer asks you to account for a missing year on your resume or your less than stellar GPA answer the question openly and honestly. Responding in an aggressive or defensive manner is a definite no-no.
  5. Ask questions. Jot down a few questions you'd like answers to. If given the opportunity at the end of your interview - ask away! Questions show your interest in the school. One caveat: make sure they are well thought-out questions and not obvious facts that can be readily discovered on the school's website.
  6. Keep the focus on you. You are the person being interviewed. It is never a good idea to ask the interviewer questions about his/qualifications or personal life. It's great to chat and certainly okay to have a fun conversation, but unless the interviewer raises something about his/herself personal questions are off limits.

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